Dog Boarding Fulford

Finding a somewhere great to board your dog while you’re away can be a challenge. But here at Pet and House Sitting Services, we have all your dog boarding needs in Fulford covered.

As an owner, you want to know that your dog is in good hands. With us, that’s what you get: a simple, safe, and honest service. Check out some of the reasons to choose us for dog boarding below.

Why Choose Us?

Daily Activities For Dogs

As any dog owner will tell you, dogs are intelligent animals. Dogs need constant activity to keep their minds active, to prevent problem behaviour, and to keep them healthy. Here at Pet and House Sitting Services, we’re always looking for new games to play and activities to do with your pooch. From your dog’s perspective, it’ll be like going on holiday, with something new and exciting to do every day. We find that dogs love spending time with other animals in our care, including other dogs, so as an owner, you can rest assured that your dog is happy and content.

All guests are walked daily. We also transport dogs to local parks and attractions, like Cannock Chase, Oakamoor, and Park Hall. During the summer months, we set off early in the morning to avoid high temperatures in the middle of the day.

Over A Quarter-Century Of Experience

Not all dog boarding services in the Fulford area have a lot of experience, but we do thanks to more than 25 years in the business. With experience comes knowledge about how to best care for dogs, the needs of various breeds, and special requirements. You can trust us to maintain the highest standards of care and ensure that your animal is returned to you in a happy and healthy condition.

Licensed And Insured

Our premises are both licensed and insured for dog boarding, giving you peace of mind while you’re away, whether on holiday, a business trip, or seeing family. We also get annual checks from a qualified veterinarian to make sure that our facilities are up to the mark. We never let our standards slip.

Tailored Accommodation

Got a small dog and worried about it being around larger animals? Do not worry: we can segregate your dog from larger animals if you wish.

Not sure whether your dog should be around larger animals? Again, we can make a judgement on your behalf whether to include your pet pooch in group activities.
All Dogs Are Up To Date With Vaccinations

The last thing you want is your dog returning from boarding with a disease. That’s why we insist that all dogs are up to date with their immunizations. If they’re not, they can’t stay with us: it’s as simple as that. Our policy gives responsible dog owners like you peace of mind knowing that your pet isn’t going to get sick while you’re away.

Contact Us Today

Are you looking for a quality, licensed, dog boarding service in Fulford? Then get in touch with us today on 01782 399231, or mobile: 07852 164167. Or email us at

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