Pet and House Sitting Services Fulford

If you’re looking for pet and house sitting services near Fulford, Stoke on Trent, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pet and House Sitting Services, we have enormous experience caring for your pets while also keeping your property safe and secure while you’re away. With us, you can leave your home and your precious animals in safe hands, giving you peace of mind. Enjoy your time away and get in touch with us today.

The Benefits Of Pet And House Sitting Services

Your Pet Is In Safe Hands

At Pet and House Sitting Services, Fulford, we have many years experience looking after animals. With more than 25 years in the business, there’s not much that we don’t know. As expert carers, we can make sure that your pet’s needs are met while you’re away, allowing you to get on with whatever you’re doing in the knowledge that they are receiving a standard of care that is just as high as if they were at home.

Come One, Come All: A Variety Of Animals Catered For

Although we love dogs and cats, we can care for a whole host of different animals and have the facilities to do so. Whether you would like us to look after your pet pooch or favourite creepy crawly, we can help. We also cater to birds and some other animals. Get in touch to find out if we can look after your pet.

Tailored House Sitting To Your Security Requirements

You want to know that your house is in safe hands while you’re away. At Pet and House Sitting Services, that’s precisely what you get. We work to your security specification, ensuring that your possessions remain safe while you’re away.

Why Choose Us For Pet And House Sitting?

Stimulating Activities For Your Pets

Not all pet sitters proactively engage your pets to keep them healthy, active and happy while you’re away, but we do. Pet and House Sitting Services put your animal first. We’re continually thinking of new games to play and new things to do with your treasured pets, and so we make sure that they’re never just stuck in the house, doing nothing. From your pet’s perspective, it’ll be like you were never away.

Vast Experience

It’s rare to find a pet sitter who has been in the business as long as we have. With experience comes knowledge about how to deal with animals, including those with challenging behaviours. Choose us today and get a pet and house sitter in Fulford with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Don’t settle for anything less.

Licensed, Insured, And Inspected

How many pet and house sitters are licensed, insured and inspected annually by a qualified veterinarian? Not all, that’s for sure. We are fully licensed and insured, and submit to annual vet inspections to ensure that our facilities are adequate for your animals.

Contact Us Today

Want to find out more about Pet and House Sitting Services, Fulford? Get in touch with us today on 01782 399231, or mobile: 07852 164167. Or email us at

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