where your pets stay

doggy dorms
This is one of the two doggy dorms .

None of our doggy guests are penned. they have the freedom of the house and garden and of course the doggy fun field!          

All owners and doggies come for a tour and interview to help obtain information on your dogs needs/ preferences and medical info.  it also helps to settle guests in when they come for their holiday as they have visited before.It also helps to put owners minds at ease too! 

Vaccinations have to be up to date. these include yearly boosters and kennel cough vaccine(drops put into nose). these are strictly adhered to and must be verified with a vaccination card . These rules are for the safety and  well-being  of your pet and others that are staying ,there are no exceptions.

sleeping arrangements
some guests like to share!

All guests are very sociable and have passed a "doggy fact finding interview" . They have to have a little "interview" to see  if they will fit in here and be happy with other dogs. Any sign of aggression and they unfortunately cant come. Sometimes owners think their dog might fail this little test, and are then pleasantly surprised to find they pass with flying colours!. 
Sometimes the owners nervousness can be transmitted to their dogs and so the owner can be the problem not the dog. If you feel nervous about the interview think of it this way, you're interviewing me to see if you are happy with my facilities .Its very important that you feel happy and comfortable and that you feel confident about leaving your pet. They are after all  very important members of the family. 

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